ARCH Citizen Advisory Board - Volunteer Board Position Available

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Release Date: Aug. 16, 2013

Volunteer Board Position Available: A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH)

Make your voice heard on affordable housing funding and programs by joining the ARCH Citizen Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB consists of twelve to fifteen community residents and housing professionals that work with ARCH staff to evaluate local housing funding proposals and increase awareness of housing issues on the Eastside. Board members contribute their understanding of housing and community issues, as well as certain specialized perspectives including real estate, housing development, planning, finance, assisting persons with low income or special needs, faith community, racial diversity, architecture and residents of affordable housing. The CAB also strives to be representative of the Eastside communities that make up ARCH. The CAB typically meets one Wednesday evening per month for two hours. More information about ARCH and the ARCH Citizen Advisory Board is on the ARCH website: www.archhousing.org.

To apply, please contact Jessie Tang (jtang@bellevuewa.gov) or Arthur Sullivan (asullivan@bellevuewa.gov) or call: (425) 861-3677