Closure - Sahalee Outlook Parking Lot

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Sahalee Outlook Parking Lot
Sahalee Outlook Parking Lot
Release Date: May 16, 2014

Evans Creek Preserve Phase II: Sahalee Parking Lot Improvements

The Sahalee Outlook parking lot will be closed starting May 19th to July 11th for construction. Construction includes asphalt repair, replacement of existing concrete curbing and walkways and the addition of a new trailhead, park furniture, entry signs, park gates and landscaping.

The Sahalee Outlook parking lot is located north of the intersection of NE 36th Street and Sahalee Way NE.

For more information regarding Evans Creek Preserve please visit the project page at www3.sammamish.us/departments/parksandrec/projects/EvansCreekPreserve.aspx