Due to fire danger, King County Fire Chiefs urge citizens to attend public fireworks display

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Release Date: Jun. 23, 2015

Fire Chiefs from around King County are urging citizens to attend one of the many professional public fireworks displays during the Fourth of July weekend. Prolonged dry weather and average spring rainfall have prompted grass and vegetation growth, creating more fuel nearly six weeks earlier than normal. And remember, fireworks are illegal in Sammamish.

There are dozens of professional fireworks displays all over the Puget Sound region, including "The Fourth on the Plateau" in Sammamish. Last year in King County fire agencies responded to nearly 200 fire calls, with 82 of them related to fireworks, as reported in the 2014 Washington State Fire Marshall report.

“In 2009 we had similarly dry weather before the Fourth and fire agencies had 302 fireworks related fires,” said Dave Nelson, spokesperson. “With this Fourth on a weekend, we expect a similar number of calls. People can reduce the potential of fireworks related fires by attending a public display."All kinds of fireworks can cause injuries. Last year around the State 158 injuries (57%) were caused by legal fireworks and 66 by illegal fireworks. Of the illegal fireworks, homemade devices accounted for 35% of the injuries. Most of these injuries were either burns or trauma to the head/face or arms/hands.

Dave Nelson
King County Fire Chiefs Association PIO