Help protect the Sound - May is Car Wash Awareness Month

This article remains for archival purposes only. Due to the passage of time, some elements in the article may no longer be accurate or relevant.
Release Date: May 1, 2016

If your car’s dirty, well it’s not just dirt- it’s grime that contains heavy metals, oil, and toxic chemicals. May is Car Wash Awareness Month, and for the Puget Sound Car Wash Association and our partners this is an opportunity to raise awareness of how citizens in our region can help protect the Puget Sound.
When it comes to water quality, keeping your car clean is better than letting the rain rinse heavy metals, oil, and toxic chemicals off your car and, ultimately, into the Puget Sound. This toxic mix of chemicals has a deadly effect on aquatic life. How you choose to wash your car is also important. When you wash your car in your driveway, the soap and chemicals can go into the storm drain, polluting our streams, rivers, and the Puget Sound.
Citizens of the region can help decrease water pollution caused by run off from cars by taking their car to a professional car wash or by washing their car over gravel or lawn.