Sammamish is the safest city in Washington with a population over 30,000

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Release Date: Aug. 17, 2016

Here are the five safest cities in the state, according to a review of data by ValuePenguin, a personal finance website.

  1. DuPont

This small community earns the number one spot in this ranking. Dupont’s population grew over 14% from the 2010 census to 2015, yet it has not compromised on safety. In addition to a low rate of violent crime, it had the lowest rate of property crime for any city in this study. The police department’s philosophy of being “...proactive, sensitive, and responsive to the needs of the community” pays dividends for residents. DuPont is slightly over 18 miles from Tacoma.

  1. Sammamish

Sammamish is the largest community (population of 51,016) in the top five. It had the second-lowest level of violent crime and the third-lowest rate of property crime. The city’s police officers are King County Sherrif’s Office deputies. Like the smaller communities in this research, this Seattle suburb has experienced strong population growth (more than 12%) since the 2010 census. It is a very affluent city with a median household income 2.4 times the state’s median household income and 73% of the adult population has at least a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Duvall

The police department fulfills its goal of maintaining a high quality of life for residents. Duvall had the lowest rate of violent crime of any city in this research. It also had the fourth-lowest rate of property crime. Duvall is a fast-growing city (population up 14.3% from 2010 to 2015) approximately 25 miles from Seattle. The median household income is 75% higher than Washington state’s median household income.

  1. Ridgefield

The police department in this community is 24 miles north of Portland, Ore., and fosters a good relationship with the community. The result is a safe community with rapid population growth (35% from 2010 to 2015). Only four violent crimes were reported in 2014, and the city has the fifth-lowest rate of property crime. The median household income in Ridgefield was 51% above Washington state’s median household income.

  1. Connell

Connell is the smallest city in the top five with a population of only 5,746 residents. Like the other safe communities, it experienced rapid population growth (plus 30%) in the last five years. However, this city in southeastern Washington is different from other communities because it has a median household income below Washington’s, and residents are less likely to hold a bachelor’s degree. The police department prides itself on having strong community orientation. The result is Connell achieved the second-lowest rate of property crime for any Washington city.