Comprehensive Plan Docket 2017

Comprehensive Plan Docket 2017

2017 Comprehensive Plan Docket Now Open

The City of Sammamish’s 20-year Comprehensive Plan, last fully updated in 2015, provides a vision for the future, identifies goals and policies to achieve that vision, creates a basis for the City’s regulations, and guides future decision-making. State law authorizes the City to allow the public to submit updates, amendments, or other revisions to the Comprehensive Plan and associated zoning regulations once per year. This “docketing” process identifies the changes to the Comprehensive Plan that the Planning Commission and City Council will consider as part of their 2017 Work Plans. Review of docket materials by the Planning Commission and City Council will take place during the fall, and those proposals selected for full consideration will be subject to a full legislative process the following year.

Any interested party, including citizens and government agencies, may submit text amendments (a new policy or change to an existing policy) or site-specific land use map amendments to the docket to correct a technical error on any other part of the Comprehensive Plan that does not require substantive change to policy language or changes the urban growth area boundary.

Applications for site-specific land use map amendments require a pre-application conference and a “Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Site Specific Land Use Map” application form. Applications for site-specific land use map amendments may eventually require a separate but concurrent rezone application. Text amendments require only a “Comprehensive Plan – Text Amendment” application form. The deadline for submitting application materials for the 2017 docket is September 30, 2016, at 5PM. Applications are accepted in person at Sammamish City Hall or via e-mail at permittech@sammamish.us.

Please contact David Goodman at dgoodman@sammamish.us or 425-295-0534 with any questions.


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