Beaver Lake Management District

Current Projects

Staff from King County’s Lake Stewardship program and the city have been monitoring Big Beaver Lake and Little Beaver Lakes at regular intervals from May through October for the Management Plan update. Future monitoring of lake water quality will continue next summer through contracts with the City of Sammamish and King County.

The streams flowing into each lake will be monitored twice-monthly this fall and winter, and also during major storms.

There have also been several reports to the BLMD Board reporting data resulting from monitoring of the lake and streams. The most recent reports is available here. For copies of past reports contact Sally Abella with the King County Lake Stewardship Program.

Beaver Lake Monitor Newsletter

Every four to six months, members of the BLMD advisory board work with King County and City of Sammamish staff to publish a newsletter which is mailed to all members of the district. These newsletters are primarily updates on the current status of LMD work, but also include useful information about how residents can take simple steps to help protect Beaver Lake.

During regular monitoring trips, King County staff members take pictures of the lake and surrounding natural areas. Browse these photos to take a quick tour of the natural wonders that abound in the Beaver Lake watershed.

How to submit photos

If you have a photo related to Beaver Lake that you would like to submit, contact the webmaster.

Projects and Milestones

In mid-April, 2006, the third Beaver Lake Management District was voted into existence by a vote of 82% YES to 18% NO, with a 44% voter response.

The next Beaver Lake Management District will run from 2007-2016.

Details of the 2007-2016 BLMD:

The Beaver Lake Management District will raise $465,980 from 2007 through 2016 to fund a series of lake management actions. This revenue will be raised through annual assessments of waterfront and non-waterfront property owners inside the proposed district boundary.

Waterfront property owners (Zone 1, 121 parcels) will pay $230 per year, while non-waterfront properties (Zone 2, currently 600 parcels) will be assessed $23 per year. The number of zone 2 parcels is expected to increase as development continues inside the LMD boundaries and the increase is included in the calculations. Parcels will begin to be charged the LMD fee as they receive individual addresses during the life of the LMD; however, owners of multiple parcels will be charged only one fee.

Through these assessments, the district will raise approximately $41,630 the first year, rising incrementally to an estimated $51,566 in Year 10, the final year of the District. If the number of parcels rises higher than estimated, the fee amount will be adjusted downwards to yield the required total sum.

This revenue will fund the following activities:

  • Biweekly stream monitoring; regular stormwater quality sampling to assess development impacts; specific sampling as directed by the Board for unusual events or new concerns;
  • Comprehensive lake monitoring in 2011 and 2016 to evaluate whole-lake water quality, with appropriate updates to the Lake Management Plan;
  • Semi-annual newsletters and community outreach activities as directed by the Board;
  • Administrative support, including facilitation of board meetings and management of work program.

The following table contains a breakdown of the LMD budget by general task with annual estimated revenue.

Beaver Lake Management District Budget, 2007 - 2016
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
  2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Labor $14,100 $14,400 $14,775 $17,500 $20,840 $15,600 $16,380 $16,645 $19,830 $24,580
Lab Costs $6,100 $6,255 $6,410 $9,870 $18,235 $6,905 $7,070 $7,305 $10,980 $19,985
Equipment and materials $920 $950 $975 $1,005 $1,030 $1,055 $1,085 $1,135 $1,150 $1,195
Lake Management Plan Update   $42,500
Community Outreach  
Labor $2,500 $2,575 $2,655 $2,735 $2,815 $2,900 $2,985 $3,075 $3,170 $3,265
Materials and postage $3,100 $3,195 $3,290 $3,390 $3,490 $3,595 $3,705 $3,810 $3,930 $4,040
LMD Support $2,510 $2,575 $2,655 $2,735 $2,815 $2,910 $2,985 $3,075 $3,170 $3,875
Annual Cost Total $29,230 $29,950 $30,760 $37,235 $91,725 $32,965 $34,210 $35,045 $42,230 $102,630
Accumulative costs $29,230 $59,180 $89,940 $127,175 $218,900 $251,865 $286,075 $321,120 $363,350 $465,980
Accumulative funds $41,630 $84,364 $128,202 $173,144 $219,190 $266,340 $314,594 $363,952 $414,414 $465,980

Water Quality Data

King County has been working with the BLMD for more than 10 years to collect water quality data. The data collected help to determine current state of the lakes and identify long-term trends.

Charts and data will be added to this page in the near future, and then data will be updated periodically as new data become available. The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (and its predecessor agencies) have collected all water quality data, to date. Data requests can be sent to Sally Abella or by calling 206-296-8382.


Chris Knutson, Project Manager, (206) 477-4739
Tawni Dalziel, Senior Stormwater Program Manager, (425) 295-0567