Public Works Standards Update


The City has been relying on public work standards that were adopted in 2000. These standards have not been updated since that time. As a result of changing state and federal design standards the City is in need of an update to the current standards.


The goal is to update the standards to meet the changing local, state and federal requirements and standards. The new public work standards will be the document to provide developers and designers assistance to the requirements for construction within the City of Sammamish.


The City has been working with a consultant to update the Public Work Standards. As the standards are revised, the City will be requesting public involvement to comment. Elements of the standards will be presented to the Planning Commission for recommendations that will involve a public hearing. Public involvement is encouraged throughout the update process. Once the Public Work Standards are nearing the final draft, it will be presented to Council for review and comment, a second public hearing followed by the final version for approval. The first public meeting is scheduled during the Planning Commission Meeting on September 17, 6:30 P.M.

Public Involvement

Public Involvement is strongly encouraged. There will be two public hearings during the update process where the public can comment. The hearings will be both the Planning Commission and the City Council. The public is also encouraged to submit their comments directly to the contact information listed below.


Staff Contact

Andrew Zagars, City Engineer, (425) 295-0561