Adopted Resolutions

ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2016-698Final Acceptance - 2015 Pavement Repair ProjectView Meeting
R2016-697Opposing Sound Transit 3 Ballot Measure #1View Meeting
R2016-696Beaver Lake Management District Assessment RollView Meeting
R2016-695Park Facility Rental FeesView Meeting
R2016-694Final Plat Laurel HillsView Meeting
R2016-693Port of Seattle Economic Development Partnership GrantView Meeting
R2016-692Final Acceptance - Big Rock Park Well Replacement ProjectView Meeting
R2016-691Beaver Lake Management District Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2016-690SE 4th Street Project Design ApprovalView Meeting
R2016-6892017-2022 Six Year Parks Capital Improvement PlanView Meeting
R2016-6882017-2022 Six Year Stormwater Capital Improvement PlanView Meeting
R2016-6872017-2022 Six Year Transportation Improvement PlanView Meeting
R2016-686Health & Human Services Task Force View Meeting
R2016-685Final Acceptance Big Rock Park ProjectView Meeting
R2016-684Habitat for Hamanity Project Agreement AmendmentsView Meeting
R2016-6832016-2017 Sammamish Youth Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2016-682Authorizing Vote on Renewing Beaver Lake Management DistrictView Meeting
R2016-681Amendments to City Retirement PlanView Meeting
R2016-680Approval Lake Vista Plat AlterationView Meeting
R2016-679Final Acceptance Audio Visual Replacement ProjectView Meeting
R2016-678Final Plat Discovery Grove (Bain)View Meeting
R2016-677Support for Issaquah School District LevyView Meeting
R2016-676Write Off Unpaid InvoicesView Meeting
R2016-675Temporary Speed Limit & Parking ChangesView Meeting
R2016-674Final Acceptance Inglewood Glen Repair ProjectView Meeting
R2016-673Final Acceptance 2015 Pavement Program OverlaysView Meeting
R2016-672Final Acceptence 2013 Pavement Program OverlaysView Meeting
R2016-671Approval of ARCH Trust Fund ExpenditureView Meeting
R2016-670ARCH 2016 Budget and WorkplanView Meeting
R2016-669Intent to Form Beaver Lake Management DistrictView Meeting
R2016-668Council Rules of Procedure RevisedView Meeting
R2016-667Final Plat Authorization for Barrington SubdivisionView Meeting
R2016-666Authorizing Wells Fargo Bank as City's Banking DepositoryView Meeting
R2016-6652016 Legislative PrioritiesView Meeting
R2016-6642016 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2016-6632016 Parks & Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2016-6622016 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2016-661Authorizing Terms of Solid Waste Contract with Republic ServicesView Meeting
R2016-660Awarding Solid Waste Contract to Republic ServicesView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2015-659Non-Profit Facility Use Policy AmendedView Meeting
R2015-658Co-Sponsorship Facility Use Policy AmendedView Meeting
R2015-657Beaver Lake Lodge Rental Policy AmendedView Meeting
R2015-656Final Plat Sienna Lane SubdivisionView Meeting
R2015-6552016 Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2015-6542016 Medical Premium Contribution RateView Meeting
R2015-6532016 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2015-652Relating to the Comprehensive Plan and Development RegulationsView Meeting
R2015-651Initiating Annexation of Mystic Lake AreaView Meeting
R2015-650Final Plat Bradford Place SubdivisionView Meeting
R2015-649Final Plat Highcroft at Sammamish SubdivisionView Meeting
R2015-648Interlocal Agreement with King County for KlahanieView Meeting
R2015-647Shared Small Works RosterView Meeting
R2015-646Final Acceptance Lower Sammamish Trail ProjectView Meeting
R2015-645Joint Letter King County-Cities for Climate CommitmentsView Meeting
R2015-644Travel Policy AmendmentView Meeting
R2015-643Klahanie Transition CommitteeView Meeting
R2015-642Final Plat Lake VistaView Meeting
R2015-641Initiative and Referendum Powers View Meeting
R2015-6402016-2021 Six Year Transportation Project ListView Meeting
R2015-639Final Acceptance 2014 Stormwater ProjectView Meeting
R2015-638Klahanie Transition CommitteeView Meeting
R2015-637Beaver Lake Management District Board AppointmentView Meeting
R2015-636Public Benefit Rating Systen - Soin SodhiView Meeting
R2015-635Public Benefit Rating SystemView Meeting
R2015-634Picnic Shelter Rental PoliciesView Meeting
R2015-633Athletic Fields Rental PoliciesView Meeting
R2015-632Beaver Lake Lodge Rental PoliciesView Meeting
R2015-631City Hall Rental PoliciesView Meeting
R2015-630Non-Profit Facilities Use Policy - AmendedView Meeting
R2015-629Co-Sponsorship PoliciesView Meeting
R2015-6282015-2016 Youth Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2015-627ANI Repayment of FundsView Meeting
R2015-626EF & R Non-Profit SupportView Meeting
R2015-6252015 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2015-624Final Plat Elston RidgeView Meeting
R2015-623Landmarks Commission AppointmentView Meeting
R2015-622Arts Parks AlternatesView Meeting
R2015-6212015 ARCH Trust FundView Meeting
R2015-6202015 ARCH Workplan and BudgetView Meeting
R2015-619NE 42nd Street BarricadeView Meeting
R2015-618Final Acceptance 2014 Pavement Overlay ProjectView Meeting
R2015-617Interlocal Agreement to Join King County King County Cities Climate CollaborationView Meeting
R2015-616Initiative And Referendum Advisory Ballot AuthorizationView Meeting
R2015-615Klahanie Ballot Measure AuthorizationView Meeting
R2015-614Interlocal Participation Agreement With Buyboard National Purchasing Cooperative And To Take Such Actions As Are Necessary For The City To Participate In A National Purchasing Cooperative In CompliancView Meeting
R2015-613Appointing Four Members to the Sammamish Parks & Recreation CommissionView Meeting
R2015-612Appointing Two Members to the Sammamish Arts CommissionView Meeting
R2015-611Legislative Priorities For 2015 View Meeting
R2015-6102013 Pavement Crack Sealing As CompleteView Meeting
R2015-609Final Plat Approval To The Plat Of Trossachs Division 17View Meeting
R2015-608Extending The Terms Of Sammamish Planning Commission Members Mike Collins And Mike Luxenberg For The Purpose Of Completing The 2015 Comprehensive Plan UpdateView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2014-607Final Plat Reese’s RunView Meeting
R2014-606Final Plat The PreserveView Meeting
R2014-605Final Acceptance East Sammamish Park Backstop / All Around Fence CompanyView Meeting
R2014-604Final Acceptance 244th Avenue SE Non-Motorized Project/Rodarte ConstructionView Meeting
R2014-603Final Acceptance 2014 Sidewalk And Curb Ramp Retrofit/GlobalView Meeting
R2014-602Klahanie Annexation PAA View Meeting
R2014-6012015 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2014-6002015 Medical Insurance Premium Contribution RatesView Meeting
R2014-5992015 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2014-598Supporting Initiative 594, Concerning Requiring Criminal And Public Safety Background Checks For Firearm Sales And Transfers By Unlicensed SellersView Meeting
R2014-597Final Acceptance Evans Creek Preserve Phase II: Sahalee Parking LotView Meeting
R2014-596Solid Waste Collection Contract, Effective January 1, 2017, through a Bid Process.View Meeting
R2014-595Declaring As Surplus And Providing For The Disposal Of Certain Real PropertyView Meeting
R2014-594Final Acceptance NE 25th Way Neighborhood Traffic Management ProjectView Meeting
R2014-593Final Acceptance Upper Sammamish Commons Park Playground Equipment Replacement ProjectView Meeting
R2014-592Master Plan for Big Rock ParkView Meeting
R2014-5912015-202 Six-Year Parks CIPView Meeting
R2014-590Final Plat Tarrington Place (Aka Bel Aire)View Meeting
R2014-5892015-2020 Six-Year Transportation CIPView Meeting
R2014-588Appointing One Member to the Beaver Lake Management District Advisory BoardView Meeting
R2014-5872014 ARCH Trust Funds ExpenditureView Meeting
R2014-586Personnel Policies Amending Personal Policy 8.3 Leave Without Pay policies.View Meeting
R2014-5852014/2015 Sammamish Youth Board (SYB) AppointmentsView Meeting
R2014-584Setting A Public Hearing Date To Consider The Vacation Of SE 7th Street West Of 212th Avenue SE View Meeting
R2014-583Final Plat Mystic MeadowsView Meeting
R2014-582Final Plat Penhurst View Meeting
R2014-581Authorizing Investment Of Monies In The Local Government Investment PoolView Meeting
R2014-580Klahanie Interlocal Agreement With The City Of Issaquah Regarding The Klahanie Potential Annexation AreaView Meeting
R2014-579Central Issaquah Plan, Supporting The Designation Of Issaquah As An Urban Center By The King County Growth Management Planning Council, And Supporting The Designation Of Issaquah As A Regional Growth View Meeting
R2014-578King County Transportation District’s Proposition No. 1 SupportView Meeting
R2014-577Barricades And Emergency Gates Removal Evaluation ProcessView Meeting
R2014-5762014 ARCH Housing Trust FundsView Meeting
R2014-5752014 Budget And Work Program For A Regional Coalition For HousingView Meeting
R2014-574Final Acceptance Inglewood Hill Road Pavement OverlayView Meeting
R2014-573Rules Of Procedure Revision For The City CouncilView Meeting
R2014-572Final Acceptance Kellman House DemolitionView Meeting
R2014-571Declaring Vehicles As SurplusView Meeting
R2014-570Acceptance NPDES Phase II Settlement AgreementView Meeting
R2014-569Fire Services And Adopting The Eastside Fire & Rescue Interlocal AgreementView Meeting
R2014-5682014 Art Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2014-5672014 Parks Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2014-5662014 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2014-565Final Plat Ashford Chase (Aka Benham Ridge)View Meeting
R2014-564Final Plat Trossachs Division 16View Meeting
R2014-563Supporting Choice for Klahanie AnnexationView Meeting
R2014-562Final Acceptance Lower Sammamish Commons Park Community Garden/Henderson Partners, LLCView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2013-5612015 Comprehensive Plan Rewrite Known Topics. Also Known As “Sammamish 2035”View Meeting
R2013-560Final Plat Approval Of Lawson Park PLN2012-00020 And FSUB2013-00168View Meeting
R2013-559Providing Guidance To City Staff Regarding Town Center RegulationsView Meeting
R2013-558Amending City Purchasing Policies To Conform To State Law Requirements For Monies Budgeted And Spent In All City Operations To Allow Accounts Payable Checks To Be Mailed Prior To City Council ApprovalView Meeting
R2013-557Final Acceptance – NE Sammamish School Intersection ImprovementsView Meeting
R2013-556Establishing Medical Insurance Premium Contribution Rates For Fiscal Year 2014View Meeting
R2013-555Adopting The City Of Sammamish Employee Salary Schedule For Fiscal Year 2014View Meeting
R2013-554Amending Resolution R2012-514 The City’s Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2013-553Issaquah School District Levy SupportView Meeting
R2013-552Regarding Fire ServicesView Meeting
R2013-551Final Acceptance/228th Ave SE/SE 24th St LeftView Meeting
R2013-550AWC Employee Benefit Trust To Participate In Their Self-Insured Health And Welfare Benefit ProgramView Meeting
R2013-549Regarding the Klahanie Potential Annexation AreaView Meeting
R2013-548Initiating and Setting a Public Hearing Date To Consider The Vacation of A Portion of SE 28th StreetView Meeting
R2013-547Initiating and Setting A Public Hearing Date To Consider The Vacation of A Portion of SE 32nd StreetView Meeting
R2013-546Lake Washington School District Bond/Levy Ballot Measure supporting 2013 Levies and BondView Meeting
R2013-545Final Plat Approval to the Plat of Cornerstone EstatesView Meeting
R2013-544Final Acceptance 2013 Sidewalk and Curb RetrofitView Meeting
R2013-543Meetings with Sewer DistrictsView Meeting
R2013-542Final Plat Laurel Hills, Division 4View Meeting
R2013-541Final Plat Bauerwood EstatesView Meeting
R2013-540Related To Use Of The Land Conservation And Local Infrastructure ProgramView Meeting
R2013-539Final Plat Approval to the Plat of Elston Ridge (aka Pine Ridge)View Meeting
R2013-538Adopting An Updated Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan For 2014-2019View Meeting
R2013-537Accepting The NE 8th ST/233RD Ave NE Intersection Improvement Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2013-536Beaver Lake Management Board AppointmentView Meeting
R2013-5352013-2014 SYB AppointmentsView Meeting
R2013-534Supporting the 2013 State Transportation Investment PackageView Meeting
R2013-533Setting A Public Hearing Date To Consider The Vacation Of A Portion Of Unopened Right Of Way Titled J.A. Huvinen Road Extension Near SE 28th StreetView Meeting
R2013-532Accepting The Sammamish Landing Phase IC – Dock And Beach Improvements Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2013-531Accepting The NE Inglewood Hill Road Non-Motorized Improvements As CompleteView Meeting
R2013-530Final Plat Approval To The Plat Of Evoke At Pine Lake (Aka Hamm 2)View Meeting
R2013-529Appointing One Member To The Beaver Lake Management District Advisory BoardView Meeting
R2013-528Approving The 2013 Budget And Work Program For A Regional Coalition For HousingView Meeting
R2013-527Accepting The 244th Avenue Non-Motorized Improvements, Phase 2 as Complete.View Meeting
R2013-526Eastlake High School Baseball Field Renovation Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2013-525Final Plat Shorelane VistasView Meeting
R2013-524Planning Commission Member Kathy Richardson Term Extension For The Purpose Of Completing The 2012 Commission Work Plan View Meeting
R2013-5232013 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2013-5222013 Parks Commission Appointments View Meeting
R2013-5212013 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2013-520Final Acceptance 2012 OverlaysView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2012-5192013 Comprehensive Plan Docket RequestsView Meeting
R2012-518Community Center Advisory Vote AcceptanceView Meeting
R2012-517Final Plat of Stirling ManorView Meeting
R2012-516Final Plat of Trossachs Division 15View Meeting
R2012-515Personnel Policy Establishing Medical Insurance Premium Contribution RatesView Meeting
R2012-514Amending Resolution R2011-467 The City’s Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2012-5132013 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2012-512Final Acceptance Fire Stations Generator Replacement ProjectView Meeting
R2012-511AFIS Funding SupportView Meeting
R2012-510Town Center Expenditure of Funds CriteriaView Meeting
R2012-5092013 Legislative PrioritiesView Meeting
R2012-508Final Plat Montesino Estates (Formerly Stoddard Hardship Exception) View Meeting
R2012-507Final Acceptance Evans Pond Stairway Replacement projectView Meeting
R2012-506Final Acceptance KCSO West Parking Lot Fence ProjectView Meeting
R2012-505Final Acceptance KCSO West Parking Lot ProjectView Meeting
R2012-504Channel 21 Amendment Allowing for programming produced by AWC and SCAView Meeting
R2012-503Ferry Be Named “Sammamish”View Meeting
R2012-502Vacation Of A Portion Of 225th Avenue SE Public HearingView Meeting
R2012-501COLA Four Year AveragingView Meeting
R2012-500Community Center Advisory Ballot MeasureView Meeting
R2012-499Final Acceptance: City Hall Key Card projectView Meeting
R2012-498Fire Services Technical Advisory Board (TAB Recommendations) View Meeting
R2012-4972013-2018 Six-Year TIPView Meeting
R2012-4962012-2013 Sammamish Youth Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2012-495Final Acceptance King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Tenant Improvements Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2012-494Final Acceptance Beaver Lake Lodge Renovation Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2012-493Final Plat Approval Tremont SubdivisionView Meeting
R2012-492Barricade Evaluation Process For Existing Barricades And Emergency Gates On City StreetsView Meeting
R2012-491Declaring A Vehicle As SurplusView Meeting
R2012-490Final Acceptance Recreation Center Phase IA: Secondary Access Driveway Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2012-4892012 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2012-488Final Acceptance East Lake Sammamish Parkway, Phase 1a Project As CompleteView Meeting
R2012-487Final Acceptance 244th Avenue Ne Non-Motorized Improvements, Phase 1 Project As Complete.View Meeting
R2012-486Final Acceptance 2011 Pavement Program - Overlays Project As Complete.View Meeting
R2012-485233rd Avenue NE to Stan Chapin WayView Meeting
R2012-484Support for Issaquah School District Bond measuresView Meeting
R2012-483Final Acceptance 2011 Pavement Crack Sealing As Complete.View Meeting
R2012-482Final Acceptance 2010 Pavement Management Program – Chip Seal Complete.View Meeting
R2012-4812012 Beaver Lake Management District Advisory Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2012-4802012 Planning Commission Appointments View Meeting
R2012-4792012 Parks And Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2012-4782012 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2012-477Final Acceptance 2011 Pavement Patching/Northwest AsphaltView Meeting
R2012-476Final Acceptance SE 20th St. Project/Premium ConstructionView Meeting
R2012-475Final Plat Gramercy ParkView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2011-474Final Plat Approval: The Reserve at InglewoodView Meeting
R2011-473Final Acceptance: Sammamish Landing Picnic Shelters/HendersonView Meeting
R2011-472Personnel - Establishing Employee Medical Insurance Premium Contribution RatesView Meeting
R2011-471Personnel – Amending Section 4.2 – Employee Handbook and Section 2 Personnel Procedures ManualView Meeting
R2011-470Adopt Inglewood Basin and Thompson Basin PlansView Meeting
R2011-469Final Acceptance/SE 32nd St ProjectView Meeting
R2011-468Final Acceptance - 244th Avenue SE ProjectView Meeting
R2011-4672012 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2011-4662012 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2011-465Lamb House Transfer to Habitat for HumanityView Meeting
R2011-464Final Acceptance - MOCView Meeting
R2011-463Final Acceptance – Evans Creek Preserve Phase 1BView Meeting
R2011-462Opposing I-1125View Meeting
R2011-461Final Plat - Pine Creek SubdivisionView Meeting
R2011-460Final Plat - Greenbriar SubdivisionView Meeting
R2011-4592012-2017 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2011-458Community Center Preferred Location for Further AnalysisView Meeting
R2011-457Final Acceptance NE 14th Dr NTMP ProjectView Meeting
R2011-4562011-2012 Youth Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2011-455Final Acceptance 2010 Sidewalk Project/Salinas ConstructionView Meeting
R2011-454Debt Write-OffView Meeting
R2011-4532011 Road Overlay ProjectsView Meeting
R2011-4522011 ARCH Work Program and BudgetView Meeting
R2011-451PRO Plan ProcessView Meeting
R2011-450SE 32nd Street Barricade RemovalView Meeting
R2011-449Sole Source Waterless Toilet Purchase for Evans Creek PreserveView Meeting
R2011-448Council Rules of Procedure AmendedView Meeting
R2011-447Final Plat Approval for the Plat of Laurel Hills Division 2 and 3View Meeting
R2011-446Final Acceptance East Lake Sammamish Parkway Phase 1A View Meeting
R2011-445Final Acceptance 2010 Pavement Program Overlays as complete/Lakeside IndustriesView Meeting
R2011-444Final Acceptance 2010 Pavement Management Local Streets/Lakeside IndustriesView Meeting
R2011-443Final Acceptance NE19th Drive Phase 2 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Street Improvement as Complete View Meeting
R2011-442Final Plat to Trossachs Division 14View Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2010-441Support for LWSD Ballot Measure for 2011View Meeting
R2010-440Personnel - Travel Policy that Conforms to State Law Requirements for City Related Travel and Travel Expense Reimbursements View Meeting
R2010-439Repealing Resolution 2000-41 and a Depository Bank and Authorized Signatures on City Bank Accounts View Meeting
R2010-4382010 Parks & Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2010-4372010 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2010-4362010 County Wide Planning PoliciesView Meeting
R2010-4352011 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2010-434Personnel - 2% Employee Retention Bonus Elimination and Provisions for Severance View Meeting
R2010-4332011 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2010-432Personnel - Amending Subsection 1.3 Of City Personnel Policy 018.01.12View Meeting
R2010-431Interim Street Standards for Town CenterView Meeting
R2010-430Interim Stormwater Development Standards for Town CenterView Meeting
R2010-429Accepting The Final Pine Lake Water Quality StudyView Meeting
R2010-428Master Plan for Sammamish LandingView Meeting
R2010-427Master Plan for Beaver Lake ParkView Meeting
R2010-426Final Plat Cameron Woods Plat AlterationView Meeting
R2010-425ARCH Funding AuthorizationView Meeting
R2010-424Historic Landmark Commission AppointmentView Meeting
R2010-423Freed House RecognitionView Meeting
R2010-422Senior Golf Tournament Parking and Speed RestrictionsView Meeting
R2010-4212011-2016 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2010-420Recreation and Conservation Office Grant Request – Evans Creek Preserve Upper Parking Lot and Meadow Trail SystemView Meeting
R2010-419Final Acceptance: Sammamish Commons Park Phase IIB – Trail Improvement ProjectView Meeting
R2010-418Final Acceptance: Pine Lake Park Restroom Roof ReplacementView Meeting
R2010-417Changing The Names Of Three Existing City StreetsView Meeting
R2010-416Ordinary High Water Mark Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) AppointmentsView Meeting
R2010-4152010 – 2011 Sammamish Youth Board Appointments View Meeting
R2010-414Declaring A Vehicle As Surplus (EFR)View Meeting
R2010-4132010 Amendments To The King County Countywide Planning PoliciesView Meeting
R2010-4122010 ARCH Workplan and BudgetView Meeting
R2010-411Final Plat Chestnut Estates (AKA Chestnut Lane)View Meeting
R2010-410Final Plat Pine Meadows (AKA Segur)View Meeting
R2010-409Amending Purchasing Policies to adopt dollar limits for Small Works RosterView Meeting
R2010-408Surplus Vehicles (5 passenger cars)View Meeting
R2010-407Final Acceptance2009 Pavement PreservationView Meeting
R2010-406Final Acceptance Tree Farm PatchingView Meeting
R2010-405Final Acceptance Sammamish Commons Park – Sween House Renovations (Phase IIC) As CompleteView Meeting
R2010-404Town Center Docket Request – Dick BirghView Meeting
R2010-403Final Acceptance Lower Sammamish Commons Parking AccessView Meeting
R2010-4022010 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2010-4012010 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2010-400ISD Levy SupportView Meeting
R2010-399LWSD Bond Levy SupportView Meeting
R2010-398Selection of Deputy MayorView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2009-397Mayor Selection AmendmentView Meeting
R2009-3962009 Park Commission Term AssignmentsView Meeting
R2009-395Tax Levy Substantial NeedView Meeting
R2009-3942010 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2009-393Final Plat Approval Trossachs 13View Meeting
R2009-392Wellness Program EstablishedView Meeting
R2009-391Park Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in Community Athletic ProgramsView Meeting
R2009-3902010 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2009-389Raven Hill (Marivaux) SubdivisionView Meeting
R2009-3882010 – 2015 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2009-387Thomas Alexander Road Street Vacation Part 2View Meeting
R2009-386Final Plat Woods at Beaver Lake SubdivisionView Meeting
R2009-385Final Acceptance Emergency AM Radio ProjectView Meeting
R2009-384Master Plan Evans Creek PreserveView Meeting
R2009-3832009/2010 ARCH Funding ApprovalView Meeting
R2009-382Street Vacation Public Hearing Date Thomas Alexander RoadView Meeting
R2009-381Final Acceptance Pine Lake Park Phase 2b Shoreline Improvement ProjectView Meeting
R2009-380Final Acceptance Room 214 RemodelView Meeting
R2009-379PBRS/Ralou Farm, LLCView Meeting
R2009-378PBRS/MullenView Meeting
R2009-377PBRS/Kampp FamilyView Meeting
R2009-376Final Plat Illahee Subdivision Tract MView Meeting
R2009-375Final Acceptance Fishtail / Sammamish Commons Exterior Staining View Meeting
R2009-374Capital Asset PolicyView Meeting
R2009-373Political ForumsView Meeting
R2009-3722009 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2009-371Final Acceptance Sammamish Commons Paving Project/Sutter PavingView Meeting
R2009-3702009 2010 Youth Board Appointment View Meeting
R2009-369Cascade Agenda Cities Program MembershipView Meeting
R2009-368Final Acceptance – 2008 Sidewalk ProjectView Meeting
R2009-367EF & R ReviewView Meeting
R2009-366Final Acceptance Pine Lake Park DockView Meeting
R2009-365Red Flag RuleView Meeting
R2009-364Federal Stimulus Funds/ELSPView Meeting
R2009-363Rosemont 10% Annexation PetitionView Meeting
R2009-362Aldarra/Montaine 10% Annexation PetitionView Meeting
R2009-3612009 King County Planning PoliciesView Meeting
R2009-360Final Acceptance South Pine Lake Route ProjectView Meeting
R2009-359Final Acceptance 212th Avenue Sidewalk View Meeting
R2009-358Easement Assumption along 248thView Meeting
R2009-357Supporting The Continuation Of The Eastside Transportation Partnership (ETP) As The East King County Forum For Information Sharing, Consensus Building And Coordinating To Provide Advice On Regional TrView Meeting
R2009-3562009 Comp Plan Docket - RizzoView Meeting
R2009-355Final Acceptance – Pine Lake Park DemoView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2008-354CIAW MembershipView Meeting
R2008-3532008 Beaver Lake Management District BoardView Meeting
R2008-3522008 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2008-3512008 Parks Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2008-350Interfund Loans and Temporary Cash OverdraftsView Meeting
R2008-3492009 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2008-348Final Plat BelcaraView Meeting
R2008-347Temporary Lead Building Division WorkerView Meeting
R2008-346Annexation Proposal Camden Park, Camden Park Estates, Devereaux and Trails at Camden Park and additional adjacent neighborhoods to the northView Meeting
R2008-345Fire Truck Surplus/DeclaringView Meeting
R2008-344Approving Expenditures from the Housing Trust Fund for 2007/2008View Meeting
R2008-343Final Acceptance: Pine Lake Park Phase II Picnic Shelter/DannekoView Meeting
R2008-342Final Acceptance: Pergola ProjectView Meeting
R2008-341King County Wide Planning PoliciesView Meeting
R2008-3402009 - 2014 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2008-339Project Engineer ReclassificationView Meeting
R2008-338Final Plat/Windsor FieldsView Meeting
R2008-337Vision Dental Benefits City CouncilView Meeting
R2008-3362007 King County Buildable LandsView Meeting
R2008-335Appointing Two Members And Three Alternate Members To The Sammamish Arts CommissionView Meeting
R2008-3342009 – 2014 Adopting A Six-Year Parks CIPView Meeting
R2008-333Final Plat - Alteration Of The Chrysalis Estates SubdivisionView Meeting
R2008-332Sole Source AM Radio PurchaseView Meeting
R2008-331Final Plat – Evergreen (Crofton) SubdivisionView Meeting
R2008-3302008-2009 SYB AppointmentsView Meeting
R2008-329Final Acceptance – Sammamish Commons Project – Bayley ConstructionView Meeting
R2008-328Final Acceptance – 2007 Sidewalk Project – Edge ConcreteView Meeting
R2008-3274th of July Street RestrictionsView Meeting
R2008-326Final Acceptance 228th Street Sidewalk Project/JR HayesView Meeting
R2008-325Purchasing Policy ManualView Meeting
R2008-324Beaver Lake Management PlanView Meeting
R2008-323Lifeguard Salary AmendmentView Meeting
R2008-322East Sammamish Park Master PlanView Meeting
R2008-321Final Acceptance Amateur Radio Antenna InstallationView Meeting
R2008-320Final Acceptance Beaver Lake Dog Park FencingView Meeting
R2008-3192008 ARCH Housing Trust FundView Meeting
R2008-3182008 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2008-317Parks Policy Program and Event SponsorshipView Meeting
R2008-316Accepting the Noelke property as the preferred alternative for the Maintenance FacilityView Meeting
R2008-315Final Acceptance Pine Lake Transit Access Road ProjectView Meeting
R2008-314Master Fee Schedule Amended Passport FeeView Meeting
R2008-313Approval East Lake Sammamish Parkway DesignView Meeting
R2008-312ICMA Administrator of 401A ProgramView Meeting
R2008-311Final Acceptance Zaccuse Creek ProjectView Meeting
R2008-310Final Acceptance 228th Avenue Walkway ProjectView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2007-309Parks Policy Non Profit Use of City FacilitiesView Meeting
R2007-308Parks Policy Co Sponsorship for City Hall RentalView Meeting
R2007-307Parks Policy Facility RentalsView Meeting
R2007-3062008 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2007-305Personnel Administrative Policy adopting Deferred Compensation Benefits under 401(a)View Meeting
R2007-304Personnel Administrative Policy Revising Tuition Reimbursement ProgramView Meeting
R2007-303Personnel Administrative Policy Modifying Vacation Leaver AccrualView Meeting
R2007-302Personnel Administrative Policy Modifying Sick LeaveView Meeting
R2007-301Personnel Administrative Policy adding Orthodontia CoverageView Meeting
R2007-3002007 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2007-2992007 Parks Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2007-2982007 - Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2007-297Planning Commission Term Extension to 04/08View Meeting
R2007-2962008 - Master Fee Schedule 2008View Meeting
R2007-295Parks Policy Athletic Field RentalsView Meeting
R2007-294Parks Policy Picnic Shelter RentalsView Meeting
R2007-293Parks Policy Facility RentalView Meeting
R2007-292Final Plat Beaudette View Meeting
R2007-291Shared Small Works Roster eCityGov InterlocalView Meeting
R2007-290Final Plat Pines at Beaver Lake (aka Alford Curry)View Meeting
R2007-289Final Acceptance Fire Station Mold Abatement ProjectView Meeting
R2007-288Public Hearing Old Beaver Lake Drive Street VacationView Meeting
R2007-287Parks Projects Manager PositionsView Meeting
R2007-286Final Acceptance 2006 Sidewalk ProjectsView Meeting
R2007-285Final Acceptance SE 24th Street Phase 2View Meeting
R2007-284Final Acceptance Ebright Creek ParkView Meeting
R2007-283Final Acceptance Beaver Lake Preserve Parking LotView Meeting
R2007-282Eastside Fire and Rescue Interlocal View Meeting
R2007-2812007 – 2008 Sammamish Youth BoardView Meeting
R2007-2802008 -2013 Six Year TipView Meeting
R2007-279PBRS/AndersonView Meeting
R2007-278Final Acceptance: 228th Avenue Phase 1C2View Meeting
R2007-277Final Acceptance: East Lake Sammamish/Thompson Hill Road Intersection ImprovementsView Meeting
R2007-276Final Plat Windsor Fields (aka Moravan)View Meeting
R2007-275Supporting KC Parks LevyView Meeting
R2007-274Final Acceptance NE 8th StreetView Meeting
R2007-2734th of July ParkingView Meeting
R2007-272Beaver Lake Road Street Vacation Public Hearing DateView Meeting
R2007-271Town Center Preferred Alternative View Meeting
R2007-270Final Acceptance NE Sammamish Park Tennis Court ProjectView Meeting
R2007-269Final Acceptance Skyline Community Sports FieldView Meeting
R2007-268Fixed Asset Policy EstablishedView Meeting
R2007-267Final Plat Laurel Hills aka Hall SubdivisionView Meeting
R2007-266Engineer Compensation to the current Puget Sound MarketView Meeting
R2007-265Hearing Examiner Rules of ProcedureView Meeting
R2007-2642007 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2007-2632007 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2007-262Town Center Committee ExtensionView Meeting
R2007-261Establishing Paper of RecordView Meeting
R2007-260DDES Permit Processing ExtensionView Meeting
R2007-2592007 Beaver Lake Management District Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2007-258Changing Council Meeting Day and PlaceView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2006-257Beaver Lake Preserve GrantView Meeting
R2006-2562007 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2006-2552007 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2006-254Parks Bond Validation CommitteeView Meeting
R2006-2532007 -2012 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2006-2522007-2012 Six Year Parks CIP UpdatedView Meeting
R2006-251Final Plat Marchet MeadowsView Meeting
R2006-250Sammamish Commons Sculpture SelectionView Meeting
R2006-249Final Acceptance Fire Station #81View Meeting
R2006-248Opposing I-933 Initiative View Meeting
R2006-247BLMD Assessment Role ConfirmationView Meeting
R2006-246Fire InterlocalView Meeting
R2006-245Final Plat Crossings @ Pine LakeView Meeting
R2006-244Final Acceptance Beaver Lake Lodge RepairsView Meeting
R2006-2432007 – 2012 Six Year Fire Capital Facility View Meeting
R2006-242IAC Grant Authorizing Application for Funding Assistance Washington Wildlife and Recreation ProgramView Meeting
R2006-241Supporting King County “Transit Now” Four Point InitiativeView Meeting
R2006-240PBRS/Menath View Meeting
R2006-239Final Acceptance Eastlake High School Sports FieldView Meeting
R2006-2382006 – 2007 Sammamish Youth Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2006-237Sammamish Symphony OfficialView Meeting
R2006-236Close City Hall for MoveView Meeting
R2006-235 2007 -20012 Six Year Parks CIP 2007-2012View Meeting
R2006-23410 Year Plan to End HomelessnessView Meeting
R2006-2332006 Overlay ProjectsView Meeting
R2006-232Final Acceptance East Sammamish Little League Field RenovationsView Meeting
R2006-231Housing StrategyView Meeting
R2006-230Funding Recognition for Representative ReichertView Meeting
R2006-229Town Center Vision, Process and Committee FormationView Meeting
R2006-228Supporting Renewable Energy PoliciesView Meeting
R2006-227Intent to Form Beaver Lake Management DistrictView Meeting
R2006-226Final Acceptance East Sammamish Play Area AdditionView Meeting
R2006-225Final Acceptance Issaquah Pine Lake Road Roundabout ProjectView Meeting
R2006-224Master Fee schedule amended adding Beaver Lake Lodge FeesView Meeting
R2006-2232006 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2006-222Lake Washington School District Bond Levy View Meeting
R2006-221Issaquah School District Bond Levy SupportView Meeting
R2006-220Town Center MoratoriumView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2005-2192005 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-2182005 Parks & Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-2172005 Technology Committee AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-2162005 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-215Final Plat Overlook Ridge (AKA Deisher))View Meeting
R2005-214Personnel - Establishing Employee Insurance PremiumsView Meeting
R2005-213Adopting NIMS standards for emergency operationsView Meeting
R2005-212Formation Beaver Lake Management DistrictView Meeting
R2005-2112006 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2005-2102006 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2005-209Rules of Procedure AmendedView Meeting
R2005-208Beaver Lake Preserve Management PlanView Meeting
R2005-2072005 Planning Commission AppointmentView Meeting
R2005-2062005 Master Fee ResolutionView Meeting
R2005-205Moratorium ResolutionView Meeting
R2005-204Financial AssistanceView Meeting
R2005-203City Manager EvaluationView Meeting
R2005-2022006 – 2011 Six Year TIP 2006-2011View Meeting
R2005-201Eastside Fire & Rescue Level of ServiceView Meeting
R2005-200WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery PlanView Meeting
R2005-1992005 – 2006 Sammamish Youth BoardView Meeting
R2005-198Wireless Master PlanView Meeting
R2005-197Inglewood Subbasin PlanView Meeting
R2005-196CAC AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-1952005 Overlay Program 2005View Meeting
R2005-194Approving King County Planning Policies AmendmentsView Meeting
R2005-193 2005 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-1922005 Parks & Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2005-1912005 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2005-190Establishing Meeting Day/Time/PlaceView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2004-189Sole Source Approval/Emergency Communications EquipmentView Meeting
R2004-188Employee Recognition ProgramView Meeting
R2004-1872005 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
R2004-1862005 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2004-185Critical Areas Regulation Update Work PlanView Meeting
R2004-184Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan Amendment Special ProjectsView Meeting
R2004-183Final Plat Meadow CreekView Meeting
R2004-182Amy Tryon DayView Meeting
R2004-181Final Plat Wynn RoseView Meeting
R2004-180228th Speed LimitsView Meeting
R2004-179Special Study Area Task Force-AlternatesView Meeting
R2004-178Final Acceptance Pine Lake Park Improvement View Meeting
R2004-177City Manager ContractView Meeting
R2004-176Special Study Area Task Force/Formation ofView Meeting
R2004-1752004 -2005 Sammamish Youth BoardView Meeting
R2004-174Master Fee Schedule Amendment for Clear GradeView Meeting
R2004-173PBRS/FulfordView Meeting
R2004-1722005-2010 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2004-171Meeting Day and Time ChangeView Meeting
R2004-1702004 Master Fee Schedule Plumbing FeesView Meeting
R2004-169Final Plat Sammamish TrailsView Meeting
R2004-1682004 Overlay ProgramView Meeting
R2004-167Final Plat Llama LandingView Meeting
R2004-166Final Plat Cedar CoveView Meeting
R2004-165Master Fee Schedule ROW Fee for Wireless FacilitiesView Meeting
R2004-1642004 ARCH Work plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2004-163Final Plat FieldstoneView Meeting
R2004-1622004 Master Fee ScheduleView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2003-161Christmas/New Years HolidayView Meeting
R2003-160IAC Parks Grant Application ApprovalView Meeting
R2003-1592004 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2003-158DeWitt Named Cookie Lady of the YearView Meeting
R2003-157Final Plat Beaver Lake Estates Div 3View Meeting
R2003-156Support of City ManagerView Meeting
R2003-155Final Plat Trossachs Division 12View Meeting
R2003-154Surplus Fire VehicleView Meeting
R2003-153Final Plat Laurels Division 3View Meeting
R2003-152Final Plat Norris Estates Division 2View Meeting
R2003-1512003 Planning Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2003-150Final Plat Sammamish HeightsView Meeting
R2003-1492004 - 2009 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2003-148Establish Date,Time & Place of Regular Meetings & Study Sessions of City Council View Meeting
R2003-1472003 Arts Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2003-146Council Meeting Change/August MeetingsView Meeting
R2003-1452003 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2003-1442003-2004 Sammamish Youth BoardView Meeting
R2003-143PBRS/BradyView Meeting
R2003-142PBRS/AndersonView Meeting
R2003-1412003 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2003-1402003 Park & Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2003-1392003 Overlay ProgramView Meeting
R2003-138Weber Ridge Plat AlterationView Meeting
R2003-137Final Plat Laurels 2aView Meeting
R2003-136Final Plat Castle PinesView Meeting
R2003-135Final Plat Pennington CourtView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2002-134Final Plat Beaver Lake Estates Division IIView Meeting
R2002-133Final Plat MuirfieldView Meeting
R2002-1322002 Salary ScheduleView Meeting
R2002-131Council Meeting LocationView Meeting
R2002-130Final Plat Trossachs Division 11View Meeting
R2002-129Final Plat Norris EstatesView Meeting
R2002-128Arts Task Force FormationView Meeting
R2002-127Personnel - Amending Travel Policies related to ReimbursementView Meeting
R2002-126Supporting Referendum 51View Meeting
R2002-125Medical/Flexible Spending PlanView Meeting
R2002-124Financial Assistance Authority to Apply forView Meeting
R2002-123Meeting Cancellations/2nd & 3rd Each AugustView Meeting
R2002-122Park NamesView Meeting
R2002-121Interlocal/SPWSD for 228th Phase 1cView Meeting
R2002-120Parking/Street Closure for NEC View Meeting
R2002-119Final Acceptance Inglewood Hill/216th Road ImprovementView Meeting
R2002-118Final Acceptance East Sammamish Park ImprovementView Meeting
R2002-117Final Plat Wyndham CourtView Meeting
R2002-116IAC Grant Beaver Lake Park Phase IIView Meeting
R2002-1152003-2008 Six Year TIPView Meeting
R2002-114PBRS/HambletonView Meeting
R2002-113PBRS/ChengView Meeting
R2002-112Personnel amending POL 4 – Overtime View Meeting
R2002-1112002 Overlay ProgramView Meeting
R2002-110Surplus Pumper TruckView Meeting
R2002-109Final Plat CrosswaterView Meeting
R2002-108Suburban Cities Association By Laws ApprovalView Meeting
R2002-1072002 Park and Recreation Commission AppointmentsView Meeting
R2002-106Park and Ride Design and Construction ApprovalView Meeting
R2002-105Bond Debt Proceeds to Reimburse Park Property AcquisitionView Meeting
R2002-104Advisory Board Chairperson Authority to remove membersView Meeting
R2002-1032002 ARCH Work Plan and BudgetView Meeting
R2002-102Shared Small Works Roster LynnwoodView Meeting
R2002-101Beaver Lake Management District/Affirm Assessment RollView Meeting
R2002-100King County Solid Waste Comprehensive Plan ApprovalView Meeting
R2002-99Amending Meeting DayView Meeting
R2002-98Personnel – Amending POL 7.7 – Medical Plan Opt OUtView Meeting
R2002-97Amending Law Enforcement Contract (C2000-59)View Meeting
R2002-96Lake Washington School District Levy/Support ofView Meeting
R2002-95Final Plat Eden’s GlenView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2001-94Final Plat Sara’s CrossingView Meeting
R2001-93Issaquah School District Levy/Support View Meeting
R2001-92Final Plat Asbury PlaceView Meeting
R2001-91Final Plat LaurelsView Meeting
R2001-90Final Plat Trossachs Division 10View Meeting
R2001-89Supporting EMS Ballot PropositionView Meeting
R2001-88Personnel – Amending POL 4 – Informal Paid Leave View Meeting
R2001-87Final Plat Seneca View Meeting
R2001-86Final Plat Trossachs Division 09View Meeting
R2001-85Property TransferView Meeting
R2001-84Technology Advisory BoardView Meeting
R2001-83Sound Transit Funding RequestView Meeting
R2001-82Council Meeting DatesView Meeting
R2001-81Adopt & Update Interim Six-Year Transportation Plan for 2002-2007View Meeting
R2001-80Public Hearing Street VacationView Meeting
R2001-792001 – 2002 Sammamish Youth BoardView Meeting
R2001-78Sammamish Youth Board CreationView Meeting
R2001-77Vote to Form Beaver Lake Management DistrictView Meeting
R2001-76Potential Annexation Area PolicyView Meeting
R2001-75Potential Annexation Area PolicyView Meeting
R2001-74Social & Human Services GrantView Meeting
R2001-73Beaver Lake Management District/Intent to FormView Meeting
R2001-72Weber Ridge Plat AlterationView Meeting
R2001-71Opposing National Fire Protection Association StandardsView Meeting
R2001-702001 Overlay ProgramView Meeting
R2001-69Final Plat Trossachs Division 08View Meeting
R2001-68Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer for Interlocal Agreement for 228th Phase 1bView Meeting
R2001-67Street Excavation Prohibition for 228th Phase 1bView Meeting
R2001-66Final Plat Columbia at Sammamish HighlandsView Meeting
R2001-65Personnel - Purchasing PolicyView Meeting
R2001-64Personnel - Travel PolicyView Meeting
R2001-63Emergency Preparedness ProgramView Meeting
R2001-62Final Plat Greens @ Beaver CrestView Meeting
R2001-61Final Plat Willamette @ Sammamish HighlandsView Meeting
R2001-60Final Plat Highland Ridge IIView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R2000-59Final Plat Beaver Lake Park SubdivisionView Meeting
R2000-58Final Plat EltovarView Meeting
R2000-57Beaver Lake Management District/Intent to FormView Meeting
R2000-56Final Plat Arbors at Pine LakeView Meeting
R2000-55Fire Services Agreement AuthorizationView Meeting
R2000-542000 Planning Advisory Board AppointmentsView Meeting
R2000-53Final Plat RedhawkView Meeting
R2000-52PBRS/CondrinView Meeting
R2000-51Final Plat Highland Ridge SubdivisionView Meeting
R2000-50Planning Advisory BoardView Meeting
R2000-48IAC Grant Application – Beaver Lake Natural Area AcquisitionView Meeting
R2000-47Final Plat Autumn Meadows SubdivisionView Meeting
R2000-46Interim 6 Year Transportation Improvement PlanView Meeting
R2000-45Public Works Operation PlanView Meeting
R2000-44Newsletter PolicyView Meeting
R2000-43Personnel – Policies ManualView Meeting
R2000-42Investment PolicyView Meeting
R2000-41Depository Bank and Check SignaturesView Meeting
R2000-40Flood Insurance ApplicationView Meeting
R2000-38Council CommitteesView Meeting
R2000-37Council Study Sessions Date, Time, LocationView Meeting
R2000-36Council Meetings Date, Time, LocationView Meeting
R2000-35Personnel Deferred Contribution ICMAView Meeting
ResolutionTitleAdoption Meeting
R1999-33Date, Time, Location Council MeetingsView Meeting
R1999-28Council Rules of ProcedureView Meeting
R1999-27Whistleblower PoliciesView Meeting
R1999-26Small Works RosterView Meeting
R1999-25Official NewspaperView Meeting
R1999-24Council Rules of ProcedureView Meeting
R1999-23Amended Sammamish PopulationView Meeting
R1999-22Personnel - PoliciesView Meeting
R1999-21Personnel -Deferred Compensation Plan (PEBSCO)View Meeting
R1999-20Personnel - Deferred Compensation Plan (ICMA)View Meeting
R1999-19Personnel - Flexible Benefit PlanView Meeting
R1999-18Personnel - PERS RetirementView Meeting
R1999-17Social Security Replacement (401a)View Meeting
R1999-16Annex to Fire Districts 10, 27, and 34View Meeting
R1999-15Master Fee Schedule 1999View Meeting
R1999-14BPA- Puget PowerView Meeting
R1999-13Council Study Session Meeting DatesView Meeting
R1999-12Incorporation of Sammamish, Official DateView Meeting
R1999-11Claims Payment by CheckView Meeting
R1999-10Petty Cash Fund, Establishment ofView Meeting
R1999-9Expenses- Travel and Credit Card PoliciesView Meeting
R1999-8Insurance Coverage WCIAView Meeting
R1999-7Invest Monies in LGIPView Meeting
R1999-6Depository Bank, SeafirstView Meeting
R1999-5Support Development of East Sammamish TrailView Meeting
R1999-4Moratorium Land Use & Zoning/Permit FilingView Meeting
R1999-3Posting for Meetings & AgendasView Meeting
R1999-2Newspaper, OfficialView Meeting
R1999-1Council Meeting DatesView Meeting


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